Text Course Topic

Customer Relationship Management

Origin of CRM

Features of CRM

Importance of CRM

CRM and Marketing

CRM and HR

Misunderstandings about CRM

Benefits and Challenges of CRM Software

What is Customer Relationship

Types of Customers

Orientation of Customers

Customer Modeling

Customer Profiling

Regression Scoring

Quality of Relatiosnhip with Customers

Need of Relatiosnhip with Customers

Customer Relationship with Supplier

Cost Sensitivity of Customers

Bargaining Power of Customers

Customer Relationship Measurement

Market Research and CRM

Market Research Process

Desk Research

Field Research

Data Analysis and Compilation

Report Preparation

Action Plan in Report Preparation

Strategic CRM

Operational CRM

Analytical CRM

Collaborative CRM

Customer’s Response - Introduction

Measuring Customer Response

Medium of Customer Responses

Qualities of a Good Response

Response in Consumer Sector

Response in Core Sector

Customer Acquisition - Introduction

Customer Life Cycle

Customer Acquisition Cost

Measuring Acquisition Equity

Customer Loyalty - Introduction

Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

Drivers of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Breakers

Tracking Customer Loyalty

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction

Why Dissatisfaction in Customers

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Methods of Measuring Satisfaction

Factors affecting Customer Satisfaction

Customer Retention - Introduction

Customer Retention Strategy

Determinants of Customer Retention

Methods/Tools for Customer Retention

Myths about Customer Retention

Benefits of Cloud CRM for Small Businesses

Practical Tips for Effectively Implementing Salesforce