In this course you will learn all the tricks of the trade which the successful marketers are using for earning 6 figures or even seven figures. The video course gudes through techniques useful for Amazon which is 4 Bullion Dollar Business and you can have a share of the income through affiliation. Amazon gives you rewards for sending traffic and potenital customers.

This is "4 in 1 course " and include the tips for eBay commerce, Shopify and Own -e-commerce in addition to Amazon.  Apply the techniques as you watch the video and there is no way you don't get up on your finances and progress on your road to being a  millionnaire.

Video Course Topic

Create Amazon Store

Amazon Video 1- Amazon Blueprint

Amazon Video 2-Why Be an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Video 3- How to Get Amazon Approval

Amazon Video 4 -How to Get Traffic

Amazon Video 5- How to ID Best Sellers

Amazon Video 6 -How to Optimize Your Landing Page

Amazon Video 7 – How to Register for Amazon

Amazon Video 8 – How to Scale Your Amazon Business

Amazon Video 9 – Keyword Research

Amazon Video 10 -Ultimate Copy Formula

Create eBay Store

Ebay video 1 Why Ebay

Ebay video 2 -Setting Up Your eBay Store

Ebay video 3 – How to Sell on eBay

Ebay video 4 How to Identify Hot Selling Items

Ebay video 5 -Essential Vendor Tools

Ebay video 6 - How to Source Items

Ebay video 7 Shipping Logistics

Ebay video 8 Price Point on Strategy

Ebay video 9 – eBay Traffic Building Strategies

Ebay video 10 How to Scale Your eBay Store

Create Shopify Store

Shopify Video 1 – Shopify at a Glance

Shopify Video 2 Getting Started

Shopify Video 3 How to Set Up Your Shopify Account

Shopify Video 4 How to Identify Hot Products

Shopify Video 5 Shopify Optimization

Shopify Video 6 Launching Your eStore

Shopify Video 7 How to Generate Traffic

Shopify Video 8 How to Optimize Your Store

Shopify Video 9 Shopify Apps to Drive More Traffic

Shopify Video 10 How to Start Your Affiliate Pgm as a Vendor

Create Own eCommerce Store

Own eCommerce video 1

Own eCommerce video 2 Social Media Strategies

Own eCommerce video 3 Targeting Your Traffic

Own eCommerce video 4 Using Live Chat

Own eCommerce video 5 Building Up Your Affiliate Army

Own eCommerce video 6 How to Build Your Mailing List

Own eCommerce video 7 Retargeting Marketing

Own eCommerce video 8 Logistics Outsourcing

Own eCommerce video 9 -O2O

Own eCommerce video 10 Secrets to Boost eCommerce Sales