Text Course Topic

What is Social Media Marketing ?

Social Media Characteristics

Insight into Social Media Networks

Social Media Vs Other Media

Social Web from Marketing Viewpoint

Social Web for Marketing Professionals

Group Behaviour on Social Web

Understanding Social Media Channels

Social Web Channels - RSS Feeders

Social Networks and Social Web

Advertising on Social Networks

Brand Building on Social Web

Advertisement Planning on Social Web

Who Controls the Social Web Content?

Power of Feedback and Content

Social Network Feedback Analysis

Social Media Channel and Tools

Social Media Channels - Categorization

Identifying Marketing Opportunity

Social Networks for Marketing Purposes

Multiple Business Objectives with SMM

Building Online Reputation with SMM

Blogging as a Communication Channel

Different Types of Blogs

What are Micro Blogs ?

Social Media and Quantitative Tools

Use of Quantitative Tools in SMM

Usage of QT in Social Content