Text Course Topic

Introduction to E Commerce and Internet

Basic Understanding of E-Commerce

Advantages of E-Commerce

E Commerce & Business Trends

What, Why and How of E Business

Relationship Marketing Using the Internet

Customer Behaviour and E Marketing

E Commerce related Technologies

The Internet and the marketing mix

Search - Starting Point of E Marketing

Search Engines and SE Marketing

SEO and Search Engine Marketing

Search Data and E-Marketing Strategy

E Business Needs E Organization

The internet micro environment

The internet macro-environment

Internet Marketing Strategy

What is Online Advertising ?

Paid Or Organic Search

Customer Expectation & Online Marketing

Technicalities of Online Business

Establishing Business Goals

Online Sales Promotions & Advertising

E Commerce Trends

Architects of E-Marketing Strategy

Dynamics of E-Selling

E Marketing and CRM

E Business Transitions

Adapting E Business Model

Knowledge Base with E Business Model

E Learning Curve

E Procurement Systems

Online Marketing and Hotel Industry