Text Course Topic

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Need for Business Process Improvement

Growth and Evolution of Organizations

Need for Business Process

Impact of BPR and BPI

Business Processes & Global Excellence

Change Management and Organizations

Business Processes & Organizations

Organizations Gain from BPI

Business Process Improvement Plan

Executive Implementation Team & BPI

Building a BPI Model

Business Cases & BPI Implementation

Situations Warranting BPI

Selecting Critical Business Process

Business Process Ownership

Setting BPI Objectives

BPI - Preparation Stage

Preparing for BPI Implementation

BPI Project Planning

BPI Project - Process Detailing Exercise

BPI - Project Implementation

Introduction to Process Measurement

Process Effectiveness Measurement

Process Efficiency Measurement

BPI - Training Requirements

Process Adaptability Improvement

Flow Chart as BPI Tool

Different Types of Flow Charts

Information Processing Flowcharts

Flow Charts and QC Tools

Working through BPI Project

Understanding People and Process

Process Walk through on the Floor

Process Walk Through & Analysis

Process Measurement Analysis