Text Course Topic

International Business - Introduction

Emerging Markets and IB

IB: The Resource Wars

Need for International Business

Threats to National Sovereignty

Growing Income Inequality

IB and the Ongoing Economic Crisis

Impact of Global Economic Crisis on IB

IB and Resistance to its Activities

Emerging Market Cities

Emerging Markets: Winning the $30 Trillion Prize

How Emerging Markets Got Transformed

Dealing with Duality in Emerging Markets

Strategy in Emerging Markets

Risks Faced by International Businesses

Impact of FDI on Developing Countries

Is FI Beneficial for Developing Countries ?

Benefits of Foreign Investment

Do Reforms drive IB or Vice Versa

Services that Support IB

Role of Governments in IB

Global Policies and Local Regulations

New Staffing Rules in the United States

The Fortune 100 Corporations

The Future Arrived Yesterday for IB

The Rise of Oligarchies and Monopolies

Business Strategies for Todays World

Mobile Wave is the Wave of the Future

Innovation is the Game Changer

Innovation in Emerging Markets

Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions

Cultural Aspects of Cross Border M & A

Role of HR Consulting in M&A

Public Private Partnerships

The Urbanization of the World

International Mediation & Arbitration

Logistics Management for IB

Why Political Fight Over Budgets in the United States and Elsewhere is Meaningless

The Falling Fortunes of Global Aviation Industry