Doing 6-8 weeks baby check is an essential skill and expectation for general practitioner according to Department of Health. NHS Newborn and Infant Physical Examination Programme (NIPE) has recently come up with a set of core competencies that need to met by all those doing baby checks. This course provides specific skills set to achieve or recertify for these core competencies and is available on line to allow flexibility and deeper learning. It also saves travel time and allows repetition of things including listening to various heart murmurs, hip examination etc. The course is designed in such a way that doctors can be confident in doing baby checks from day1 of new GP job. It is worth a refresher for GPs or other doctors doing the job needing revalidation of skills to prove they are up to date. <br /><br />This course has been developed according to NIPE recommendations and has a well structured design of contents and built in assessments to give competency skills for picking up abnormalities. A face to face training is also available on request. 

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