Master back office for the internet marketing to be more productive. Less effort - more outcome.

Video Course Topic

Video 1-Register Domain

Video 2-Setup Web Hosting

Video 3-Change Nameservers

Video 4-Setup Autoresponder

Video 5-Upload Files

Text Course Topic

Workplace Efficiency - An Overview

Tips to Increase Efficiency

Tips for Getting Organized at Workplace

Discipline & Punctuality at Workplace

Factors Leading to Workplace Efficiency

Importance of Being Efficient

Team Work and Workplace Efficiency

Communication and Workplace Efficiency

Time Management Tips at Workplace

Maintaining Work Life Balance

Why we work and Managing Work-Life Balance and Thriving in Hyper-Competition

Text Course Topic

H R Management - Introduction

Importance of HRM

Scope of HRM

Various Processes in HRM

What is Human Resource Planning ?

The HRM Function

Functions of a Human Resource Manager

Staffing Role of the HR Manager

Role of HRM in Leadership Development

Role of HR in People Empowerment

Talent Management and HRM

Management of Contractors

Performance Management as a HR Management Concept

Successful Performance Management

Hiring Strategies

Social Media Profiles for Hiring Decisions

Importance of Background Checks

Retention Strategies

Strategic HRM

Global HRM

Personnel Management vs HRM

Managing Employee Performance

Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Appraisal Interview

Managing Employee Relations

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Variable Pay

Diversity in Organizations

Managing Workforce Diversity

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Safety Programs

OSHA Safety Manual

HR Challenges

Human Resource Audit

Hiring in Shadow of Stagnating Growth

The Challenges of Managing Attrition

Employee Separation Process

Role of HRM in Recessionary Times

People Manager vs. Project Manager

Use of Contract Staff & Temp Workers

Importance of Vacation Planning

Hiring & Firing of Workers: Perspectives

What to do if You are Laid Off from Job

Termination and Outplacement

Emotional Intelligence for Professionals

Assigning Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs) to Employees

Role of HR in Performance Appraisals

HR Policies and Procedures Manual and Employee Handbook

Managing Downsizing in Organizations

Managing Attrition in Organizations

Rise of the Temp Jobs and the Freelance/Sharing Economy

What is Blind Hiring and Its Implications for the HR Profession