Text Course Topic

Types of Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investing Myths

Real Estate and Money Supply

Basic Ratio Analysis of Real Estate Investing

Transaction Costs in the Real Estate Market

Information Asymmetry in the Real Estate Market

The True Cost of Owning a Property

Behavioral Aspects: Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing vs Investing For Cash Flows

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Advantages to Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts

How To Predict Real Estate Market and Identify Asset Bubbles ?

Why Properties Sell for Less Than Their Worth ?

Japanese Real Estate Market

The American Real Estate Market

China’s Real Estate Market

The Indian Real Estate Market

The Gloomy outlook for the real estate sector in India and its impact on first time buyers

Performance Measurement for Real Estate Investments

Text Course Topic

Subprime Mortgage Crisis: An Introduction

Dot Com Bust: Starting Point of Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Political Incentive for Home Ownership

The Case Of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae

Advantages to Freddie Mac, Fannie Man and Ginnie Mae

Types of Mortgages

Types of Mortgages from Borrowers Point of View

Mortgage Products - Negative Amortization & Home Equity Line of Credit

The New Mortgage Landscape

The New Mortgage Landscape: Conflict of Interest

New Age Financial Securities - Mortgage Backed Securities & Credit Default Swaps

Collateralized Debt Obligations and Tranching

Benefits of Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO’s)

Subprime Crisis: Problems Caused by Accounting

The Self Reinforcing Housing Loop

Integrated Financial Systems: Boon or Bane

Credit Market Freeze - Causes and its Importance

Mortgage Lending: Borrower Approach vs Collateral Approach

How Reverse Mortgage Works ?

Reverse Mortgage: Pros and Cons

The Big Bust – Washington Mutual (WaMu)

Text Course Topic

What is Unemployment ? - Definition of Unemployment

The Downward Spiral of Unemployment

Unemployment Rate Calculation: Sub-Sets

Calculation of Unemployment: Example

Minimum Wage Fallacy

What is the Ideal Unemployment Rate ?

The Discouraged Worker Flaw

What is Employment ? - Definition and Its Fallacies

Frictional Unemployment - Definition, Causes and Cure

Structural Unemployment - Definition, Causes and Cure

Cyclical Unemployment - Definition, Causes and Cure

Mechanization: A Boon or a Bane

Government Spending: A Cure for Unemployment

Should Full Employment Be Pursued ?

Economics and Happiness

Text Course Topic

Econometrics - Meaning, Elements, Techniques & its Application

Linear Regression Model - Prerequisites, Case Study, Goodness-of-Fit

Applied Econometrics - Steps to Carry Out an Empirical Study

Hypothesis Testing - Writing, Examples and Steps

Text Course Topic

Economics of Human Resource (HR) Decisions

Economics of Human Resources: Productivity and Efficiency

Strategies to Overcome Labour Market Shortages

Labor Unions and their Role in the Political Economy of Nations

Straight Pay and Variable Pay

What is Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) – and Why is it Important ?

Pros and Cons of Using Social Media for Recruitment and Monitoring Purposes

Text Course Topic

What Is Gross Domestic Product ?

The Importance of GDP

The Ever Increasing GDP

Common Sense vs. GDP Sense

Problem #1: GDP Disregards Debt

GDP and the Perpetual Debt Trap

Case Study: GDP, Debt & Europe (Part 1)

Case Study: GDP, Debt & Europe (Part 2)

Components of GDP

GDP and Depleting Natural Resources

GDP and Natural Disasters

GDP and Terrorism

GDP and the Dirty War Business

China’s Modern Day Ghost Cities

Bhutan’s Gross Happiness Index

Green GDP

Instant Gratification and GDP

India vs. China: Is There Even a Comparison ?

Text Course Topic

Management Economics - Introduction

Scope of Managerial Economics

Nature of Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics and Micro Economics

Principles of Managerial Economics

Role of a Managerial Economist

Consumer Demand

Price Elasticity of Supply

Determinants of Price Elasticity of Supply

Marketing and Seasonal Demand for Goods and Services

Introduction to Business Economics

What is Fractional Reserve Banking ?

Global Currency Reserve System

What is Capital Account Convertibility ?

The Rise of the Informal Economy

Currency Wars and Financial Crisis

Future of Energy and its Implications

Energy Transition and Growth

Tough Times Ahead for the Corporates

Role of Venture Capitalists

New Immigration Policies in the West

Economic Benefits of Immigration and how to Manage Flow of Migrants

Employment Rules and Tax Laws

What is Deregulation ?

The Impact of Political Stability

What is Inflation

Gloomy Outlook for the Real Estate Sector

How Rising Oil Prices Threaten Economic Growth and Impact Businesses and Managers

Will the Republicans Force the United States to Default in the Next Few Months ?

Conflict between Reformers and the Populists in Developing Countries

Rekindling the Animal Spirits in the Global Economy to Rejuvenate Growth

Is Less Government the Answer in Market Economies or the Other Way Around ?

Are Asian Economies headed for a Repeat of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis?

The Age of Austerity in the West in Response to the Global Economic Crisis

What Is Hyperinflation ?

Famous Cases of Hyperinflation

Relationship Between Inflation and Government

Definition of Inflation

Why Does the Definition of Inflation Matter?

Price Fixing: A Flawed Approach

How Inflation Is Currently Measured?

Problems: Measurement of Inflation

The Problem with Comparing Inflation Numbers

How Should Inflation Be Measured?

Inflation: A Hidden Tax

Inflation: A Hidden Tax (Part-2)

Myth: Inflation and Scarcity

Inflation and Wealth Redistribution

Is A World Without Inflation Possible

What is Meant by Inclusive Growth and Why it is Important ?

Importance of Infrastructure in a Nation’s Development

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Supply Side Economics

Pros and Cons of the Uber Economy